Frequently Asked Questions

How can I search for children's clubs in my area using the directory?

Simple! Just go our frontpage and enter a town or postcode in the search box, select the correct address from the dropdown and hit search! You can narrow down your search if needed by using the other dropdown boxes to select an activity or age if required.

Can I submit a children's club or activity to be included in the directory?

Yes! Simply go to our frontpage and hit "Club Registration" ( ) from there you can create an account and then add your clubs inside the dashboard.

Is there a fee for using the website or accessing club information?

Checkaclub is completely free for parents to search for clubs and activities in their area. At the time Checkaclub is also completely free for providers to list their clubs and activities as well!

What types of children's clubs and activities are typically listed in the directory?

There are no restrictions on which type of childrens clubs and activities can be listed and we have created an exhaustive list to select from, if your particular activity is not listed please let us know so we can add it for you!

How can I contact a club directly through the website for more information?

All the clubs contact information should be present on their profile page where you can email or call them or contact them via their social media pages.

Can I filter search results based on age group, location, or specific interests?

Yes! Next to the address search box we provide drop down filters for activity and ages for you to choose from if needed. Just leave them set as "all" if you want to see everything in your area.

Is the website accessible on mobile devices and tablets?

Absolutely, our site was designed to be mobile first and is fully responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop sized screens.

How can I provide feedback or suggest improvements for the website?

We cannot improve without your feedback so please do go to the "contact us" link in the footer and send us a message.

Are there any support options available if I need assistance with using the website or finding a club?

If you have any issues please have a look at our other frequently asked questions, if that fails then please do visit our contact us page and send us a message or use our online chat support in the bottom right which will appear when an agent is online.