Music For Language Delay

Member since: 27 Jun 2023

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Education , Languages , Music , Performing Arts , Special Needs

Contact Information Address: Bush Hall, 306 Uxbridge Road, London, Sheperd's Bush, W12 7LJ Phone Number: 020 8932 2652


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Immerse your child in a world of musical wonder at Music House For Children. Our weekly classes are designed for children showing early signs of language delay, offering a playful and engaging approach to enhance vocalizing and speech development. Through a blend of visual aids, resources, instruments, movement, and sound exploration, our activities are tailored to inspire and support your child's language journey.

- Weekly classes tailored for children with emerging signs of language delay
- Playful musical activities to enhance vocalizing and speech development
- Incorporation of visuals, resources, instruments, movement, and sound explorati


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£8.00 per session


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  • Motor Skills
  • Confidence Building
  • Communication & Language
  • Creativity

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  • Daytime
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  • Term Time
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