Hilton Tech Club

Member since: 27 Jun 2023

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Coding , Computing & It , Education , Science

Contact Information Address: Hilton Scout Hut, Derby, Hilton, De65 5LD Phone Number: 07921334978


About this club:

Unleash your child's creativity and confidence with our after school technology clubs, designed to inspire 7 – 16 year olds to think innovatively and embrace the world of technology. Our child-led approach allows students to explore a variety of activities, from coding in Scratch to 3D design and printing, empowering them to pursue their passions and interests.

At STEM Venturi, we believe in nurturing not only digital skills, but also the innate creativity and problem-solving abilities of children. Our sessions aim to foster analytical thinking, curiosity, and confidence, essential for understanding the world around us. Join us in this exciting technology club and embark on a journey where imagination knows no bounds.

Key Highlights:
- Child-led approach to activities
- Diverse range of activities including coding, 3D design, and 3D printing
- Emphasis on nurturing creativity and problem-solving skill


Price Information:

£10 per 1.5 hour session (1 hour session also available)


This clubs opening times are:

3.30 - 5pm


  • Confidence Building
  • Creativity

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Operating Times:
  • After School
  • Weekends
  • Term Time
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