Gymboree Chiswick

Member since: 27 Jun 2023

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Contact Information Address: Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, Chiswick, HOUNSLOW, South East, W4 4JN Phone Number: 07967835059


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Immerse your child in a world of creativity and discovery at our kids club. Our expertly designed classes cater to each child's unique developmental milestones, nurturing their cognitive, social, and physical skills through engaging activities. From sensory explorations for young babies to imaginative play and early language skills, every class level is tailored to support your child's growth.

- Each class focuses on specific developmental milestones
- Activities cater to cognitive, social, and physical skills
- Musical learning introduces children to various musical styles
- Art activities aim to unleash children's imagination
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£51.25 per calender month


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Mondays (enquire about time) Fridays (enquire about time) Monday to Friday - Please contact us for the various times


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