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Member since: 27 Jun 2023

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Contact Information Address: Blyth Town FC, South Newsham Playing Fields, Sandringham Drive, Northumberland, Blyth, Ne24 3PS Phone Number: 07896192573 Website:


About this club:

Introducing Bloom Toddler Classes, a delightful and enriching experience for both toddlers and their caregivers. Our multi-sensory sessions are designed to foster a language-rich environment, providing a space for fun, learning, and social growth.

🦋 Creative Learners (walking 15-24m) will embark on a journey of social skill development, confidence building, and understanding the world around them. Engaging in our unique 'I am Me' activity, children and their adults come together to celebrate self-love, diversity, acceptance, and kindness through the use of Makaton.

💚 Social Superstars (walking 24-48m) will delve into interactive activities, phonics learning, and stimulating resources, setting the stage for a smooth transition to preschool. Our themed sessions offer diverse learning opportunities through play, group activities, and individual exploration.

🦋 Both classes feature engaging activities such as bloom magic bubbles, number learning, color recognition, and sensory experiences. Our structured yet relaxed approach encourages toddlers to be themselves while enjoying the learning journey.

💚 With classes capped at 15 toddlers, each session ensures personalized attention and an enjoyable experience for all. Our drop-in option provides flexibility for shift workers and those with varying schedules, allowing them to join our classes as and when they can.

💙 Imaginative play, weekly dress-up sessions, and catchy songs are all part of the package, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment for toddlers to thrive.

❓ Where do we run classes at ❓
We currently offer classes six days a week in five different locations throughout Northumberland: Ashington, Seghill, Blyth, Bedlington, and Cramlington.


Price Information:

£7.75 per class


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Wednesdays Term Time
10am and 11.05am


  • Social Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Confidence Building
  • Communication & Language
  • Creativity

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