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Member since: 27 Jun 2023

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Contact Information Address: Sandhills Primary School, Terrett Avenue, Sandhills, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3 8FN Phone Number: 07785232862 Website:


About this club:

Embark on a vibrant dance journey with us, where creativity knows no bounds and every child's unique expression takes center stage. Our dance classes, designed for children aged 2 and above, offer a fresh and imaginative approach to movement and rhythm.

- Themed classes explore a diverse range of dance styles, from the classic charm of Charleston to the energetic beats of Bollywood, and from the urban flair of Street Dance to the emotive grace of Contemporary.
- In addition to teaching routines, technique, and performance skills, we foster a love for freestyle and improvised dancing, encouraging children to embrace their natural style.
- For those seeking a challenge, we conduct IDTA medal tests and exams in Freestyle and Musical Theatre, along with an annual Charity Dance Competition and a spectacular Grand Performance at the Amey Theatre in Abingdon every July.
- Above all, we take pride in being an inclusive dance school, cherishing the individuality of every child and nurturing their joyous skill in dance, a gift that will bring them lifelong delight.


Price Information:

Violets Classes - £30 per 6 week term (first class is a free taster)
Sweet Pea Classes - £39 per 6 week term (first class is a free taster)
Poppy Classes - £45 per 6 week term (first class is a free taster)
Lily Classes - £45 per 6 week term (first cla


This clubs opening times are:

9.15am – 9.50am Violets Class I (Parents & Toddlers) 9.15am - 9.50am Violets Class II 10.00am – 10.40am Sweet Peas Class 1 (4-5 years) 10.00am – 10.40am Sweet Peas Class 2 (5-6 years) 10.40am – 11.30am Poppy Class 1 (7-8 years)


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  • Social Skills
  • Creativity
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